Recreational Features

Bring the family to play on our many features, including the alpine challenge, zipline and 150 ft water slide! Play features are available during Family Splash Time.

150 Foot Water Slide

150 Foot Water Slide 

The Yellow Slide is a three story, triple-spiral, water slide – that translates to 150 feet of fun! This feature is open during all regular Family Splash Time hours.

Height Requirement: 48 in.

To protect our slide, swimsuits that have zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornaments are not allowed.

Splash Zone

Splash Zone

You’ll find tumble buckets, a tire swing, lemon drops, and plenty of splashing in our indoor water playground! This area is especially fun for preschool-aged children with their parents. It is open during posted Preschool Swim and Family Splash Time hours.

Height Requirement: Children under 42 inches tall must have an adult in the water with them.

Swim wear is required to enter any pool – sorry, no t-shirts please. Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

Water Cannons

Vortex Pool & Water Cannons

Your kids are sure to enjoy a “spin” in our vortex pool – the water cannons are nearby, giving them a chance to spray their friends!

Height Requirement: Children under 48 inches may participate in this area when accompanied by an adult in the vortex.

All flotation devices must be US Coast Guard approved. The vortex and water cannons are available during Splash Zone hours.

Diving Boards

Diving Boards

Jump on in! The diving boards are open during almost all Family Splash Times.  Sorry, 3-Meter diving boards (high dives) are used for competition only and are not available to the public.

Things you should know: This area is in deep water – you must know how to swim!  Those who are unable to pass a swim test may go off the diving board wearing US Coast Guard approved flotation.


The Zip Line 

The zip line is one of our most popular features! Try your luck and see how long you can hang on until you go splashing down into the 50 meter pool.

Things you should know: In order to use this feature, you must be able to reach the handle without assistance. Swimmers must pass a swim test to use the use the zip line. The zip line is generally available on Wednesdays and Fridays after 6 p.m.

Water Backetball

Water Basketball

If you like shooting hoops, this can be a fun activity to do with a group of people. Things can get pretty competitive, watch out!  The wet hoop is usually available during all Family Splash Time hours and it’s in the 4-foot deep area, so there is no swim test requirement.

Aqua Track

The AquaTrack

The AquaTrack is our 2-person, gigantic, floating obstacle course! So grab a friend and challenge them to see who’s the fastest! The AquaTrack is available on a rotating schedule during our Family Splash Time hours. See our hours page for details.

Things you should know: This is a deep water feature and a swim test is required to go on the AquaTrack. Flotation devices are not allowed and jewelry must be removed.


The Alpine

Things you should know: This is a deep water feature and a swim test is required to go on the Alpine. Flotation devices are not allowed and jewelry must be removed.


50 Meter Pool

50m Pool

Our 50 meter pool is designed to provide a variety of options for pool set up. Setting up the moveable bulkhead down the middle creates a 25 yard competitive or lap pool along with an area for water walking. Another popular set up is to put the bulkhead to one end of the pool, which allows for a 50 meter (Olympic size!) set up. Along with our competitive meets, this pool allows for many people to participate in fitness classes, lap swim and recreational swimming all at once. The center of this pool has a 4 foot area that is perfect for water walking. All flotation devices must be US Coast Guard approved.

Instructional Pool

Instructional Pool

Our 25 yard, Instructional Pool is the place where thousands of children and adults take swim lessons throughout the year. Many schools have their classrooms learn to swim at HCAC as part of their curriculum. This area also accommodates swim team practices, lifeguard training classes and lap swim during large swim meets.

Therapy Pool

Therapy Pool

Our therapy pool is a warmer (about 90 degrees), smaller pool that is available for anyone needing a warm pool just for therapy. The depth slopes from 3.5 to 5 feet to handle a variety of activities. You may want to consult your doctor and get an exercise routine before using this pool. You can find a schedule for the therapy pool on our hours page.



Sit back, relax and enjoy our 12 foot diameter, 16 person spa. The spa is available for use by adults (age 16 and up) only and the temperature is maintained at a cozy 102 degrees.  The spa is open during all listed lap swim hours.

Be sure to review the rules for all our features!

Please note: flotation devices must be US Coast Guard approved. Not all of our features permit using flotation devices. Please refer to our rules for more information.

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