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The Holland Community Aquatic Center Swim School offers a full range of water adjustment and swimming lessons for children age 6 months through adults. Opportunities include group lessons, private lessons and specialized classes for adults and individuals with unique learning needs.

Swimming lessons should be considered an additional layer of protection needed to prevent drowning accidents. According to the CDC formal swimming lessons can reduce the chances of drowning by 88%.

National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Group Lessons

Parent and Child

6 months – 48 months

Help your child be comfortable and safe around water. Parent and Child classes are one of the best ways to introduce little ones to swimming and water safety skills!

Class Length: 30 min.

Parent Involvement: A parent joins their child in the water.

Little Swimmers

4 – 5 years

Lets get moving! Little swimmer classes help kids adjust to independence in the water and introduce key swimming skills to get moving in the water!

Class Length: 30 min.

Parent Involvement: Parents/guardians are welcome to watch lessons from our spectator areas but are not required to be in the pool area with their child.

Youth Lessons

5 years – 18 years

The school age Learn-to-Swim program allows each child to progress at his/her own pace, through 6 stages of swimming and stroke development. Advanced skill technique work continues, for those swimmers desiring advanced water safety!

Class Length: 30 min.

Parent Involvement: Parents/guardians are welcome to watch lessons from our spectator areas but are not required to be in the pool area with their child.

Stage 1

Focused on introducing children to the fundamental skills needed to safely enjoy water. Through play and skill instruction students adjust to independence in the water while learning the life saving skill of floating on the back and calling for help.

In this class your child will

  • Enter and exit the water safely
  • Blow bubbles with face under water
  • Submerge and look for objects under the water
  • Float on front and back for 5 seconds
  • Kick with alternating feet and splashing toes
  • Roll from front to back and back to front with assistance
  • Jump into pool, floats on back and call for help with assistance

Stage 2

Let’s get moving! Students will develop the basic swim skills of kicking and pulling while they explore moving through the water. Students in this course should have completed the Little Swimmer I course or equivalent.

In this class your child will:

  • Kick with alternating feet and splashing toes
  • Pull with alternating arms and open hands
  • Glide and swim to wall
  • Swim, float, swim for 10 feet
  • Retrieve underwater object
  • Jump into pool, float on back and call for help unassisted
  • Swim 20 feet without assistance

Let’s keep moving! Students will develop the basic swim skills of kicking and pulling. Through these two levels, we will gain water independence!

Well, now that we have mastered our basics skills, lets continue to develop our technique. Our strokes lessons are designed to help your child develop skills based on their own progress! On these lessons we will be covering the stages below:

Stage 3 – Introduction to Strokes

Stage 4 – Stroke Technique

Stage 5 – Stroke Endurance

Macatawa Swimmers offers school age students a first experience with the team swimming environment! Swimmers will focus on developing excellent stroke technique, swimming endurance and learn competitive swimming skills like starts and turns. Additionally, swimmers will gain experience practicing in a team setting with an emphasis on teamwork, encouragement, goal setting and great practice habits.

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Private Lessons

Private lessons provide flexible scheduling and personalized attention. Whether you want to learn to swim for the first time or are a seasoned swimmer looking to improve your technique, our experienced coaches are here to help!

Specialty Lessons

Adult Lessons

Looking to be more comfortable in the water or improve you stoke skills? Check out our Adult swimming lessons.

Special Swim

Special Swim introduces children with special needs to the water.  Students work work one on one with trained volunteers on skills that include water adjustment, movement, socialization and basic water safety.

School Partnerships

Each school year, the Holland Community Aquatic Center teaches swim lessons to nearly 3000 kindergartner – 5th grade students who attend area elementary schools.

Through partnerships with local schools and support from our community, HCAC Swim School provides swim lessons for children in grades K-5. Students are bused to HCAC during their school day and receive 2 weeks of lessons each school year.

Is your student coming for lessons this year? Watch this video to learn more about what to expect!

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